5ireChain is a layer-1 EVM compatible smart contract platform that focuses on developing a for-benefit blockchain ecosystem based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations (UN)

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  • Top 10 dApps to receive an incentive after evaluation.
  • An opportunity to earn rewards through our referral program and grants scheme.
  • An incentivization scheme for dApps focused on sustainable development.
  • Reduced gas fees for early adopters and the first 500 builders to receive a share of block rewards.
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Making blockchain sustainable &
accessible for 1 billion+ people by 2030.


No-code smart contracts.

Faster and cheaper than any existing blockchain.

Interoperable, with ability to send assets, collectibles, or files to any chain, mobile number, or web3 address.

Decentralized, user-owned wallets hosted on web3 domains.

Sustainable with a zero-carbon footprint.

We’re a sustainability driven blockchain with reputation-based mechanisms.

In the near future, we aim to become an ecosystem focusing on positive impact.

We also aim on making blockchain sustainable & accessible for 1 billion+ people by 2030.

Why Choose 5ire?

5ire is leading the world’s transition from the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) to the fifth industrial revolution (5IR). 4IR, known for digitalisation, brought increased connection via cyber networks. 5IR heralds the interdependence of humans and machines via human-focused designs.

Our ultimate mission is to make it easy for businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, and institutions to incentivize sustainability. By aligning economic growth with global sustainability, we want to make it easy to be ‘good’.


5ire provides a novel way for governments to engage with citizens and scale their capacities for effective administration with transparency, efficiency, and speed. 

Fortune 500

Fortune 500 companies have a disproportionate impact on the future of the world's sustainability. By encoding SGDs and ESG in our blockchain, 5ire makes it easy for businesses to do good.

Social Entrepreneurs

5ire is fast, secure, and cheap. This makes us an ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurs who want to combine impact with business as they scale their mission.


5ire helps universities leverage the power of sustainability and make their administration and operations digitalized, real-time and transparent.


Join Us in Making 5ireChain the Strongest it Can Be.
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Patents & Research

5ire works with leading researchers in blockchain technology and human-centered design. We hold patents in several areas of blockchain technology and regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals.


5ire supports Peer to Peer File Storing & File Sharing.

Users can avoid third party providers, thus, decreasing risk, decreasing costs, and earning by hosting data.

Patent record

5ire has multiple patents including Sustainable Blockchain Patent,
Smart Contract Template Framework Patent, Encrypted Decentralized File Storage Patent, Homomorphic Encryption Patent, etc.

Blockchain & the UN's SDGs

5ire indexes United Nations SDGs, and provides validators a rank, showcasing how sustainable they are. The metrics are achieved through live API sources of 650+ ESG metrics which form an algorithm to calculate a Sustainability Score.

Our Partners & Investors

Our Partners & Investors

Technology Partners

Our Partners & Investors

Co Founder's

Pratik Gauri

Co-Founder & CEO

Prateek Dwivedi

Co-founder & Chief Product officer

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Highly incentivize practices that
align with the UN SDGs.

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