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5ire is a faster, cheaper & easier to use Blockchain with a Proof of 5ire based Consensus.

5ire rewards its validators & customers for taking sustainable actions.

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Why Choose 5ire ?

In contrast to trends in the Fourth Industrial Revolution toward dehumanization, technology, and innovation, best practices need to be bent back toward the service of humanity. 5ire is a gateway to the smooth transitioning of the world from 4IR to 5IR.


No-code smart contracts.

Faster and cheaper than any existing blockchain.

Interoperable, with ability to send assets, collectibles, or files to any chain, mobile number, or web3 address.

Decentralized, user-owned wallets hosted on web3 domains.

Sustainable with a zero-carbon footprint.

Why Choose 5ire?

5ire is leading the world’s transition from the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) to the fifth industrial revolution (5IR). 4IR, known for digitalisation, brought increased connection via cyber networks. 5IR heralds the interdependence of humans and machines via human-focused designs.


From accountable policing to secure identity management; smart cities, regional records offices, regional transportation authorities, and national governments partner with 5ire for real-world, citizen-focused solutions.

Fortune 500

For-profit companies recognize that doing good is beneficial for the bottom line. Doing good is built into our code with 5ireChain, the world’s first sustainable blockchain. 5ireChain is secure, efficient, and highly scalable, to boot.

Social Entrepreneurs

Are you building a better world? Let us join you with our products geared towards advancing the fifth industrial revolution. From venture capital to the world’s first sustainable blockchain, we’re here to work together.


From accountable records and student identity management to integrated coursework focused on today’s breakthroughs in blockchain technology. 5ire is here to support institutions of higher learning in staying up-to-date, relevant, and transparent.

Enter the world of sustainability

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Patents & Research

5ire works with leading researchers in blockchain technology and human-centered design. We hold patents in several areas of blockchain technology and regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals.


5ire supports Peer to Peer File Storing & File Sharing.
Users can avoid third party providers, thus, decreasing risk, decreasing costs, and earning by hosting data.

Patent record

5ire has multiple patents including Sustainable Blockchain Patent,
Smart Contract Template Framework Patent,
Encrypted Decentralized File Storage Patent,
Homomorphic Encryption Patent, etc.

Blockchain & the UN's SDGs

5ire indexes United Nations SDGs, and provides validators a rank, showcasing how sustainable they are. The metrics are achieved through live API sources of 650+ ESG metrics which
form an algorithm to calculate a Sustainability Score.


5ire owns the servers for .web3, .5ire and multiple other decentralized domain names.

Users can own, trade and host assets, files & collectibles on their domain names.

Discover 5ire

Whether you are an investor, a developer, a validator, or just a curious spectator, we’re here to welcome you to the 5ire community!

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