5ire is looking for developers who are passionate about building solutions that cater to end users. Builders who are interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology to drive sustainable development.  

With the BuidlToEarn campaign, we want to reward such builders & developers.


What’s in it for you?

  • Top 10 dApps to receive an incentive after evaluation.
  • An opportunity to earn rewards through our referral program and grants scheme.
  • An incentivization scheme for dApps focused on sustainable development.
  • Reduced gas fees for early adopters and the first 500 builders to receive a share of block rewards.

As a 5ire developer, you’ll have access to:

  • A dedicated support team,
  • Investors for easier fundraising
  • A yearly private event where you can network with other developers and industry experts.
  • To participate in the #BuildToEarn campaign, developers must align their token rewards with the 5ire tokenomics team and feature-based rewards with our tech team.

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