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that set us apart


Allows anyone to create their own blockchain assets.


Allows multi-custodial account creation. 

Atomic Swap

Allow anyone to swap value within 5ireChain and its supported ecosystems.

What is 5ire?

5ire’s primary goal is to create 5ireChain, a user-centric sustainability-driven blockchain. This is achieved by embedding sustainability both in 5irechain’s base layers and in the upper decision-making that democratically commands the network.

5ire USPs

5ire has multiple unique selling propositions that make us the blockchain ecosystem leading the fifth industrial revolution. 

Transaction Pools

5ireChain addresses scalability with multiple transaction pools. Existing blockchains use single transaction pools where all transactions are stored with every node. 5ireChain distributes transactions based on wallet addresses and each transaction pool serves unique addresses.

Proof of 5ire

Proof of 5ire is the world’s first governance-based reward distribution process that incentivizes network actors based on their commitment to the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals. Proof of 5ire = Sustainable PoS + Proof of Benefit + Proof of Donation.

Phone Number or Email Wallet Addresses

Unlike traditional blockchains, users will be able to send transactions on 5ireChain using a receiver’s phone number or email as identification.

Hardware Root of Trust

Robust security is one of our top priorities. 5ireChain uses trusted platform modules (TPMs) to perform remote attestation, ensuring that nodes are not running malicious code.

Light Nodes for Mobile Devices 

5ire is introducing light nodes that can run on a browser or phone, forgoing the need for the huge systems traditionally needed by validators to engage in a network. 

Future-proof and Forkless Upgradeability 

Because 5ireChain is based on WebAssembly, it is able to upgrade its runtime logic without hard forking. Upgrades are enacted through the 5ireChain governance mechanism.


5ireChain strikes a perfect balance in solving the blockchain trilemma between security, scalability, and decentralisation.


Homomorphic Encryption
Hardware Root of Trust
Hardware Root of Trust


Transaction Pools
Transaction Pools


Sustainable Proof of Stake
Proof of 5ire

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