Thunder: Beta

5ireChain Testnet Thunder: Beta Launch

5ire Testnet: Live Now

5ire is delighted to announce that its Testnet :
Thunder: Beta is Now Live.  

The Testnet paves a smooth path for realizing a fully functional and sustainable ecosystem.
User experience and product efficiency are the top priorities for 5ireChain. The Testnet provides the opportunity to assess these factors.The outcome of the Testnet determines the next line of action– gearing up for the mainnet or going back to the drawing board.

Testnet Features

5ire Explorer

The 5ire Explorer is a real-time multichain data sharing and transaction processing platform. This unique platform gives users access to 5ireChain transaction data within seconds — an innovation that improves and encourages transparency throughout our ecosystem.

5ire wallet

The 5ire wallet is a highly reliable and secure crypto wallet that offers users an intuitive, all-in-one experience. The 5ire wallet aims to fill an unaddressed market of mobile-first crypto adopters.

Governance Mechanism

5ireChain’s robust governance mechanism ensures the will of both public and council members are taken into account when proposing future network changes. Proposals are subject to a voting system, so every actor within 5ire Chain can voice their opinion in this democratic process.

Unique Consensus Mechanism

Proof of 5ire = Sustainable PoS +
                                 Proof of Benefit + Proof of Donation.

5ire Sustainable Proof of Stake is a multifactor consensus protocol where a node is assigned a weight based on Stake, Reliability, randomized voting, sustainability score, and previous nomination.

Sustainability Score

Underneath the proposal’s consensus mechanism, an organization or individual’s sustainability rating is determined by several factors, such as environmental, social, and governance ratings.

Transaction Pools

5ire tackles the problem of scalability by splitting transactions into smaller pools. Currently, blockchains store every transaction, but 5ire breaks those up into queues for individual wallet addresses at one time.

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